Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 2

bonjour tout le monde!
well i'm just going to jump right in the week today cause i don't have much time. so, this week was the week that we go to all of the districts and we do a little training for them. so that was exciting. we talked about how our goal in the mission isn't just to teach people or find new amis or things like that, but our goal is to help others have eternal life, and the door that they have to cross through is baptism. we really just talked about perspective and how instead of just shooting for new amis, we should shoot for baptisms. instead of shooting for people who will listen to our message, shoot for people who are ready to be baptised. and honestly, it changes everything. it really helps us realize our goal out here and to put everything in perspective. and it works, as you'll see in the example later on. so that was fun.

also this week, we did some exchanges. and guess who i got to go with?? elder andrus! my son. it was super sweet and we had a ton of fun. he's training right now too, so i got to see my grandson too. it was stellar. we had a good time reminiscing all about mulhouse and everything and talking about all the betisses we did . he's doing well and it was cool to see how much we had both changed. we're completely different as to last time we were together when we both knew next to nothing about missionary work. so that was cool. and now he's all grown up and giving birth himself. la vie passe vite! hmm, as to other things, all of our amis are going pretty well. a lot of them are on vacance, so we haven't seen them in quite some time, but then the others that are here are doing well. this week, jordan brought his friend sebastien to our rdvs, and sebastien is maybe even more interested than jordan. but they are both sweet and are both progressing along. the only problem we found out this week is that they are scared to tell their parents that they are meeting with us because they don't think they will react well.... so we told them that we couldn't really be seeing them behind their parents back so they are going to have to talk to them. sebastien did it, and his dad was fine with it, but jordan is a lot more shy than sebastien and he doesn't really know how to go about it, so he's still a little scared. but if they don't do it, then they are never going to be able to come to church, which would be pretty bummer. so we'll see with them. we're praying for them so hopefully everything will turn out well. if you want, you could pray for them too, that'd be terrific. also, this week, we fixed a baptismal date with a nigerian guy named steve. it was our first rdv with him and he just told us that he wanted to be baptised and wants to know what he has to do to get there. so that was pretty sweet. can't say no to that now can we? haha so that was stellar, we're going to keep on teaching him and get him ready for his date on the 8th of august. we started praying for someone who was ready to get baptized, and voilĂ  it works. 
well that's the week for you! i'm going to go and eat some lunch now cause i'm super hungry. probably eat some pasta. it's cheap. and assez good. cool cool. well love you all and hope you have a stellar week! 
-- Elder Matthew Meyers 1 rue de la DĂ©livrande 14000 Caen La France

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