Monday, June 18, 2012

au revoir to villeneuve d'ascq!

well. the time has come to leave. sad day.
so as you are all so anxious to know, the big news! i'm heading down to normandy! i'll be going to Caen! from what i hear it's going to be way good. work there is going okay and i'm just excited because i want to go and see if we can light it on fire. it kinda feels like i just got done being trained again because me and elder andrus were able to just completely turn this place around, and now i want to see if i can do it on my own without elder andrus there to do everything. so i kinda look at this assignment as a test. see if i can do it by myself. i will still be a zone leader out there, and i will be over the zone of Versaille. that means that the office, including the APs are in my zone. also, i have my baby boy in my zone too, elder andrus is in Mantes which is in my zone. to name off a couple of places in my zone just quickly to give you a little idea, we have caen, cherbourg, mantes, rouen, versaille, and a couple others. so that's going to be exciting being there under the magnifying glass of the APs haha. so i'm exciting. also, my new companion! his name is Elder Dick. and guess where he is from? none other than an englishman! he's from england and he's a funny kid. he's really into singing and drama and stuff like that but he's way cool. so that'll be good. i'm not sure all that much about him, but i'm ready to whip him into shape if needs be. there is also another equipe in caen, so we'll be sharing the members again. so that'll be fine.

so that's the transfer. i'm not really sure about anything else yet, i'll be leaving wednesday, and then i'll give you the update about the place when i get there. as to vdascq, i'm sad to leave. this was such a great ward and a great place. but on the other hand, i'm excited to take what i learned and change caen hopefully. so pray for me eh :)

this week though, it was okay. guess how many baufs we had? 20. bam. impressive huh? that's just all we do lately. we still ended up with about 11 lessons this week, so it's okay i guess, but when you should've had over 30, it's not the best feeling. it's really interesting how my standards have completely changed though. in mulhouse, before, an 11 lesson week would've been extraordinary. i would've been so pumped. but we set our goals so high and these goals were so attainable that 11 felt like nothing. so that's a good thing. the attitude of this whole mission is just changing completely. it's so incredible to watch. as to our amis. wei is going well, he's kinda flakey at the moment and doesn't want to make a real effort, so we called him out on it last rdv and he said he would make an effort in july haha. so he's going fine. funny kid. i said bye to him last saturday, so that's always a bummer. as to gregory, he's just an all out champion. we have a quit smoking program in the mission that we use that helps you quit smoking in 7 days, and it works wonders. we did it with him last thurday, and he's still smoke free today. so he's just doing great.he's still good for his date on the 30th, and i'm going to miss it... so that's kinda sad and i'm not really looking forward to missing it, but that's life. i'm just going to tell him to write me his testimony and elder andrus will get me a program. he's such a cool kid. we played soccer with him the other day too, and he just pwned me. he had so much more energy than i did and he's quitting smoking. haha i'm so out of shape. he ran circles around me. after about 5 minutes i was pooped. love being in the worst shape of my life. hoooorah. when i get back i'm not even going to be able to play intramurals cause i'll be way too out of shape.

as to my english skills, i'm sorry okay. so what if i forget how to say things in english. i knew that that wasn't how you say service of baptism, but i couldn't remember how to say it in english. baptismal service? that looks about right. it's like calling our amis investigators. that's such a lame word. so we just franglais it and it works great :) so what if i won't be able to speak english when i get back. ce n'est pas grave. oh also, like i told you, we played soccer the other day, and i realized how bad my french sports vocabulary is haha. i don't know how to say anything in french about sports. i tried to do direct translation of what i would say in english, but that didn't work. so, that was a vocabulary slap to the face. pas grave.

Well, that's the big news for the week. i'm leaving the beautiful ville of lille, and heading out to caen, which is supposed pretty good, especially in the summer. so we'll cross our fingers. all in all, i'm mostly just excited. should be golden. well, je vous aime tous! have a good week!

oh also, did you get my package?? i sent you guys a package so look in the mail eh?? love you!

Elder Meyers
as to my address, i'm not sure yet. attendez.

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