Monday, June 11, 2012

a week of baufs

salut tout le monde! comment ca va?

well, as you can see from the title, this week was a week full of baufs. which is a flakey person. we had potential this week to have a million new amis and just a terrific week. we set 10 RDVs with new people and then one by one they all canceled. or didn't cancel and just didn't answer. so in the end, we had more than 10 rdvs fall through, and ended up with no new amis. so that was kinda a bummer blow. the funniest part about the whole thing is that this week was easily the hardest working week we've had. we had an exchange with the APs and it changed everything. before, we thought that we were doing pretty darn good about talking with everyone and contacting everyone, but then after our exchange with them, we learned how much more we are capable of. so this week, whenever we would do contacting, instead of contacting together, we did something we call leap frog contacting. instead of us both talking to one person, do contacts seperate now, giving us the chance to talk to twice as many people. so as we are walking along, when we come across someone, on of us will branch off and then the other will keep walking and contact the next person. if we finish early, then we kinda just post around that area, walking back and forth contacting anyone who walks past. it's been way good so far, and the first two days that we did it, we got 20 new numbers in total, and we average about 7 a day now. which is pretty good. too bad that they are all baufs ha. but it's good. we're just being tested by the lord to see if we're actually going to keep up the hard work. i think elder andrus is going to, but i'm tapping out. done working hard if i'm not going to see miracle. haha just kidding we're just going to have to work even harder this week to have an even better week. and this week, we're set some really lofty goals, so we're going to rely on the lord to be able to reach them. pray for us eh?

other things that happened this week was some exchanges. we went on exchanges with the elders in valenciennes, and that was way fun. it was kind of an emergency exchange to help them out, because elder garcia, who is training this transfer is really stressed and so we went out to help him and to help him to get working hard again. so i got to stay here in villeneuve with elder richer-brulé, who is a french canadian, and i got to teach him how to really contact. so we had a way good day of contacting and he's a little stud. he's speaks english and french fluently, he's just really shy. he doesn't have the confidence to go up to people and to stop them in the road. i honestly think that i might be the same way, except for that i'm in france and i'm not speaking my native tongue, so it doesn't seem real. a mission in a different language just feels like a game. you always have the excuse that you don't speak very well and the excuse that you're foreign so it's great. i'm for sure getting the high score this week.

so transfers are coming up and i don't want to leave. i think i'm just going to tell president to leave us here for the rest of our mission. i think that's the best choice. we have too many great people here and too good of a ward. and me and elder andrus have been together for 3 now, so it's just going to be weird to change. i've gotten so used to him and working with him in this ville that i don't want to change. but i guess change is kinda good. we'll see i guess.

well, i'm running out of things to write about. i never really remember what we do during the week by the end, so sorry haha. mais j'espère que vous tous passez une semaine formidable! je vous aime!

Elder Matthew Meyers
7 rue Blanche apt 34
Lille 59000
La France

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